February 13, 2009

New ways to think about money

I am loving this project, 2009, by David Horvitz (I also posted about it here). I think this activity offers an intriguing way to think about money. Completely different than anything I had considered and maybe totally unrealistic, but I like the idea of interacting with money as a material thing that represents an experience of travel. Interestingly, in all my travels, I save money (especially bank notes) because they somehow represent that place, a memory of being there, like a souvenir. How can money go from being a way to buy things to being a souvenir? Clearly its has a range, particularly in value. As a souvenir its value is symbolic and not really about its monetary value, except for the fact that I am generally only willing to save banknotes worth a small amount like one or two dollars. In this activity I also like the idea of having people photograph their receipts. That would be something interesting to incorporate into our project. If we were to put an entire weeks worth of receipts together it would a great way to visualize how people spend money, both in terms of content and frequency.

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