January 19, 2009

The Other (Half) of Elmtwig Collective

I'm nervous to write this post because this blog feels so Julka, but I suppose it is better to jump in rather than wade.

(splash) Hello. I'm Maggie.

It was Julka and I's wintertime conversation(s) that led to the rejuvenation of this blog as a place to have, share, and evolve thoughts we have constantly about theory and design practice. And after a long couple of weeks, here I am. I won't try to explain more than that because well...that's what the blog is for; we write to understand.

Additionally, our goal (my goal?) is to see if the blog is helpful in allowing us to move beyond individual thoughts on a topic and towards something more like our conversations which always leave me heady and excited about possibilities. I'm not convinced it will, but my enthusiastic side loves nothing more than to prove my skeptical side wrong.

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